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Taverna Arnui

Welcome to Llavorsí!


Our Specials

Botifarra Negra is a Catalan black sausage, similar to black pudding sausage. It is served with baked potato and alioli sauce, on a thick slice of traditional 'pa amb tomàquet' - toasted country bread with tomato rubbed over and seasoned with olive oil and salt

The Filiberto is a typical dessert from Pallars Sobirà; It is a simple, fresh dessert that perfectly combines the three ingredients of its recipe. Made with yogurt, plain ice cream, and currant syrup. It is a dessert that children love and grown-ups even more.

The cold ice cream and the texture and flavor of the fresh yogurt enhance the intensity of the currant syrup, it reminds many of the flavor of jelly beans and the colour and its presentation really surprises!


About Us

Founded in 2012, the Taverna Arnui sits in the village of Llavorsí, just underneath the Bordes d'Arnui that give the restaurant its name.

Our classic cuisine features seasonally inspired menus with the highest quality ingredients. There is something for everyone - from shareable small plates to Catalan flatbread to a traditional dining experience. Our desire to treat guests like family has remained the same but our seasonal flavours are ever-changing.

Come have a relaxing lunch or dinner of delicious food with friends or family; at the Taverna Arnui you'll always feel at home.


Contact Us


Carretera Vall de Aran 45, 25595 Llavorsí, Lleida


+34 653 64 69 33

Opening Hours

In summer; everyday

In other seasons; the weekends